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Greek desserts and culture

Est. 2020


Reflection 1:

I feel extremely anxious and stressed because I don't know if my project will go well and how I will end up presenting it.  Medicine is something I have been interested in all my life and I'm looking forward to start researching about it.  When I was younger I used to dress up as a doctor and check my mum's temperature and wrap bandages around her.  When I finish my ignite project, I am really looking forward to showing my family how much I have learnt about my passion as I know they would be really proud of me.  I think books will majorly assist my research as there is plenty information that can be found in them. I'm immensely happy that this is my chosen topic.  Something that has really fascinated me is that human body parts used to be drawn as there weren't any cameras to take photos back then.  

Reflection 2:

Researching about medicine wasn't going that great for me and it was really difficult for me to find certain bits of information which took my quite a while to even just write a paragraph.  I decided to change my topic because I found something else I was really interested in and that was Greek culture and desserts.  I come from a Greek background and I go to Greek school so I already know a lot about Greek history and mythology but I want to explore more about Greek culture in specifically Melbourne and look more into Greek desserts because I have tried some delicious desserts but I always try to find out how to make them myself without any help, so this was a very good opportunity for me.

Reflection 3:

Ignite was a very interesting subject and I am looking forward to continuing my project after ignite is over.  I would have really liked to do more for ignite but I didn't have enough time due to it being difficult to balance with VCE Greek school and all my other assignments for school.  I didn't get an opportunity to make the desserts myself but I managed to find a few recipes and I wish to bake the desserts during the Christmas holidays when I have more time.  I also would've liked to add more information onto the Greek islands and Greek culture pages but I ran out of time.  I will definitely continue it though because I find it really intriguing.   I would've loved if ignite was extended for a bit more because it would've given me the chance to collect more information for my website.  

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